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TL;DR - built $3k/month business & hired 3 devs @ age 14 | AI Research | Learn by Doing | First Principles | Productivity Hacker

I built my first software business at age 14: generated over $3k/month passive income, hired & managed 3 developers, & built community of over 3,000 members. Message me on LinkedIn to learn more

Now I build more meaningful projects like DeepDev - a codeless solution for machine learning.

All this could not have been possible without my obsession for maximizing productivity and my drive to constantly seek self-improvement. In fact I made a YouTube channel where I teach people about my productivity hacks!

I'm passionate about product development, startups, & making a significant impact in the world.

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Machine Learning

I've built end-to-end machine learning projects in computer vision & NLP. I'm currently researching in NLP to conduct Style Transfer for Text.

Web Development

I've built multiple Web apps like DeepDev & Unity Search Engine. I also worked as a web developer for eXomoonAI to build interactive data-visualization tools with Django, R, & Javascript/CSS/HTML/JQuery.

Public Speaker

I spoke at One of Canada's Largest Dev Events organized by IBM: EvokeCanada, about "The Next Internet" and the future of Brain-Brain Interfaces with a live demo of using one person's EMG signals to control someone else's arm.

Software Development

I've built software in java, C++, C#, visual basic & more. One of which was music production software using C++ & JUCE. I also have lead a software developer team in the past using tools like Git, Slack, Trello & GSuite.

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