Personal Values

  1. 🔑Occam's Razer/Brevity (hence why this doc is so short)
  2. Don't Fluff (WYSIWYG)
  3. Authenticity
  4. Curiosity
  5. 🔑Instrumental Rationality
  6. Finish what you start - Be Reliable (My Wallpaper)
  7. 🔑Attitude is Altitude (See 48 Laws of Human Nature)
  8. 🔑Elevate your perspective (See 48 Laws of Human Nature)
  9. Seek Discomfort (Yes Theory)
  10. Be Brutally Honest with Yourself
  11. Growth Mindset
  12. "Don't do things to others that you wouldn't want them to do to you"
  13. "Seek to understand first than to be understood"
  14. Being wrong is good → seek to be Less Wrong
  15. Don't play Zero Sum Games (or find a perspective that isn't zero-sum) → Always Win-Win
  16. 🔑See life & people in 1 week - 1 year rolling averages instead of static points.
  17. Resilience
  18. Innovate - Explore outside of the box (Exploitation vs Exploration)
  19. 🔑Entrepreneurial Thinking
  20. Fulfillment > Instant Gratification
  21. Work Smart & Hard

Will update this doc as I see fit in the future. The goal of this is to give frequent reminders to be able to make better decisions, with 🔑 on the values I need the reminder the most. Do you resonate with this? Any holes? Shoot me a msg @ 

Michael Ye